Installation Guide

Before you begin, you need to download our game client. Click the button below to open our download page. You may choose from 2 options:

1. Download the Full Client Installer

2. Download the Lite Client Installer, you must have an updated kRO client (data.grf around 2.4gb, and rdata.grf around 800mb)

If you don't have an updated GRF files from kRO, we suggest you download our Full Client to avoid any in-game errors.


Here are the installation process you need to follow after downloading our game client:

  1. Unzip the downloaded zipped file to your Documents Folder / Drive C: using Windows' default archive extractor or by using WinRAR ( You may download WinRAR for free here: )
  2. It may take a few minutes to extract specially if you are using the Full Client Installer.
  3. After extracting the files, Run As Admin your OmniRO.exe ( This is the game patcher, to download all the latest updates from our server )
  4. Then, Click on Settings.
  5. It will open your Game Settings. Make sure to Choose your Video Card under Graphics Settings > Graphics Device.
  6. Click OK.
  7. You may now Click Start Game.
  8. It will open your Ragnarok Client but before that, Gepard will run first to check the integrity of the files.

If you encounter any problem with installation, you may Send us a message via Facebook Messenger. We hope you enjoy playing OmniRO!