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Server Information

What are the main currencies in OmniRO?

Since we are a pvp/gvg-ready server, we're thinking of ways to still improve the market / economy of the game. 90% of the items can easily be obtained in our Item Mall @market. Items in the market can be purchased by zeny. The rest of the high tier gears can be obtained through pvp/gvg rewards. This will keep the competitiveness in the game and the way events and wars are played through high tier gear acquisition.

Here are the currencies we have:

Where to get or farm Zeny?

What is Omni Coin, Where to get?

1 Omni Coin is equivalent to 1million Zeny. It can be exchanged in the Utility NPC (Located in our Kapitolyo Maintown @go 0 - just below the Olaf NPC that gives costume freebies)

What is Honor Badge, Where to get?

Honor badges are pvp-related rewards. It can be used to purchase high tier gears such as GMG, Robo Eye, Well-chewed Pencil, etc. Honor shop is located inside our VIP Room @vip

What is Event Coupons, Where to get?

Event coupons can be used to purchase mainly costumes. Event shop is located inside our VIP Room @vip

What is Omni Badge, Where to get?

Omni Badges can be obtained only from winning WoE and tournaments or big events in the game. Omni Badges are NOT tradeable. It serves as individual progression or rewards system. It's like an achievement if you accumulate enough Omni Badges.

It can be used to purchase COSTUMES. Costumes that cannot be obtained from Event Coupons / Donations.

What is War Badge, Where to get?

War Badges can be obtained from Battlegrounds. (As of this moment, Battlegrounds has been disabled until further notice) For now, you may obtain War Badges from winning King of Emperium Hill event.

It can be used to purchase high-tier accessories. You may visit our VIP Room @vip 

What is Rare Monster Coupons, Where to get?

Alternatively, instead of obtaining high tier gears from Honor Shop (via Honor Badges), we added a way to obtain them thru hunting. Rare Monster Coupons can be obtained from Guild Dungeon nightmare mobs. (See guide below)

Rare Monster Coupons can be used to purchase high tier gears in the Quest Shop @quest.

How to go to Guild Dungeon?

We have guild dungeon warpers in every maintown. In our maintown Kapitolyo, you can find the warper just below the healer npc below the PVP warper (127, 149). There are some requirements to enter the guild dungeon:

What is Hourly Coin, Where to get?

Hourly coins can be obtained from staying in the game for an hour (without logging out or changing characters). Hourly coins can be used to purchase in the Hourly Shop (Located inside the VIP Room @vip)

What is Cash Point, Where to get?

Cash Point is an alternative way to get costumes and some consumable items (Visit @donate in-game)

What is Omni Credit, Where to get?

Omni Credit can be obtained from Donating to the server. Visit our Donation Guide for more info. Php 1 = 1 Omni Credit.

It can be used to purchase in the Credit Shop @donate in-game. Credit Shop sells donation-only costumes and some huntable weapons and gears. To know more about our current donation promo, Send us a message on Facebook.