Patch Notes [09/30]

by Admin on 2020-09-30

Patch Notes [09/30]:

  • Added new hairstyles up to 84 to choose from!
  • Updated EXE client and Gepard (if you encounter any issue please try to redownload our latest installer version 3.1)
Recent Updates [09/28]:
  • @restock has been implemented (You need to pay 20 Omni Coins to use this command. FREE FOR VIP Players)
  • @go 0 coordinates has been adjusted
  • Moved location of new player respawn point near the Instant Job Changer and Freebies NPC
  • Increased STARTING ZENY from 500K to 3M
  • Moved npc locations of: Lotti Girl and Freebies NPC

How to Use @restock Command:

Answer: Type @restock <item id> (without the bracket < >)
Example: @restock 501
This will add Red Potion in the list of restock items.

How Does @restock Work?

Answer: You need to have stock of usable items in your storage. It will automatically replenish your inventory upon use.
Example: You may only bring 1 Red Potion in your inventory and put 10,000 pcs of Red Potion in your storage

How To Disable @restock?

Answer: Type @restock off

VIP System Guide

by Admin on 2020-09-30

OmniRO's VIP System

Benefits of Becoming a VIP:
- Increase current drop rate by x1.5
- Ignore gemstone requirements for skills
- Get additional cool commands:
  • @me - Fancy chat box
  • @noask - Toggles automatic rejection of deals and invites
  • @noks - Toggles Kill Steal Protection
  • @guild - Creates guild without emperium
  • @hatch - Opens the Hatch window (like using a Pet Incubator)
  • @petrename - Unlimited pet rename
  • @pettalk - Allows your pet to talk
  • @homevolution - Instantly evolves homunculus
  • @homshuffle - Re-calculates homunculus stats
  • @homtalk - Allows your homunculus to talk
  • @mount2 - Cash mount
  • @identify - Appraise items in your inventory
  • @mail - Opens mail box
  • @costume command allows wearing of:
  1. Wedding
  2. Xmas
  3. Summer / Summer2
  4. Hannbok
  5. Oktoberfest
  • @restock - To be added in the next update
- Healer NPC additional buffs:
  1. Impositio
  2. Gloria
  3. Magnificat
- Free access to Guild Dungeon
- VIP players will have different name color


- Go to our VIP Room @vip and talk to VIP Central NPC
- Pay using your cash points
- 7D (500 CP), 14D (800 CP), 30D (1500 CP)
- Once you become a VIP, it will instantly activate your perks


1. You may exchange your Omni Credits to Cash Points
2. Win from our Facebook Events
3. Get cash points freebies from donations

Zeny Guide

by Admin on 2020-09-30

Some FACTS about Zeny in OmniRO

What can you Buy with Zeny?
  • ALL MAJOR EQUIPS (Armors, Shoes, Weapons etc - @mall)
  • ALL HEADGEARS (Including high tear gears that are previously only available through honor badges - @mall)
Where to Get Zeny?
  • Daily Rewards give you 100M FREE Zeny daily
  • Newbies can get 20M FREE instant zeny
  • Events and Boss Hunting
There's literally NO NEED to farm for zeny, just create an account and receive daily rewards. ðŸ”¥ Our server is 100% free to play, instant pvp/woe

2nd Batch of Winners!

by Admin on 2019-12-07

Magandang buhay! 😂 Ito na mga 2nd batch winners natin this week.

  • Chin Chan
  • Jose Louis Villaver Paman
  • Eron Oclarit
  • Dominador Gibaga
  • Si Alvin

Launch date natin to be announced this weekend 🔥

1st Batch of Winners!

by Admin on 2019-12-07

Our first batch of winners, Top 5 fans winning 1,000 cash points this week. Salamat! 🥳

  • Benby Gaoiran
  • Joshua S. Ramos
  • Kram Adelantar
  • Gian Ramos
  • Dexter Łim

Next batch to be announced on Saturday Dec. 7, 2019. Please like and share our OmniRO facebook page 🔥

Facebook Top Fans Event

by Admin on 2019-12-07

We're hosting a pre-launch event for our top fans on Facebook. To qualify, please like and share our Facebook Page at and continue to share our facebook posts until you earn your Top Fan Badge.

Every week we'll pick at least 5 winners that will receive 1,000 Cash Points.

PS: Cash Points is good as cash donation. You can use it to purchase costumes and other cash items in-game.